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Ski Legs? More Strengthening Exercises

Here are a few more leg strengthening exercises you can do to prepare for the up-coming ski season. I like to do this routing to build strength around my knees and warm-up to go skiing.

1. Single Leg Squat with Chair Support

Find a chair or bench and line yourself up, so when you go into the squat position, your butt will land on the support and you will tap it, then push yourself back up.

Start with 5 reps on each leg and build up to more reps as you build your strength.

2. Walking Worm

This is a fun and a great warm-up stretch as well. Start standing up, bend at the waist, touch the ground then walk your hands forward until you are in the prone position then keep going until your body can't stretch out anymore, then walk your feet up to your hands.

Start with 5 walking worms in a row, you can turn if you do not have a long space.

3. Deep Lunge Squat

This is one of my favorite warm-up exercises before I go jumping on a trampoline or go skiing. This one is a little easier than the walking worm but equally important stretch. Start standing, then walk one foot forward like a walking lunge, then let your chest fall toward the ground and put your arm under your knee. Pulse a few times, then walk into the next deep lunge squat leg.

Start with 10 full deep lunge squats (5 each leg!).

4. Frankenstein Toe Touches

Start standing then kick one leg up straight so you can tap your toes with your arm, try to keep your leg straight, then switch to the other leg.

Start with 5 touches on each leg, total 10.

Bonus!! Yogi Squat

My friend and professional snowboarder told me if I sat in a Yogi Squat for 15-30 minutes a day it would change my life. My longest squat is still 20 minutes, but I would like to implement this into my daily life more.

Try sitting in the yogi squat for 5 minutes for the first time then increase time as you build up strength.

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