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Coach Grete takes University of Utah Freeride Team to Woodward Park City thanks to Red Bull

Where to begin? I have been looking for a way to get involved with my beloved sport of freeskiing as a mentor/coaching for some time now, but I just was not sure where to start. Then I got a call from my former sponsor Red Bull and we came up with a pilot project to help structure and support college ski & snowboard freeride teams around the country.

This year I have teamed up with the University of Utah Freeride Team (Ski & Snowboard) to help them excel their skills and have an absolute blast this season. When I went to the University of Utah as a freshman and reigning X Games Champion, I didn't have a team or really any school support to pursue my sport. My professors barely understood why I needed to take my exams early so I could take part in sponsor photo shoot or a big event like the Dew Tour. Looking back, I was just excited to get a college education and ski professionally during the semesters I had off. However, I would never even of dreamt that a squad of 75+ IFSA competing freeskiers would also be enrolled as college students at the same time as me. And that is exactly what is happening at colleges around North America right now.

This video is from a day I put on thanks to Red Bull at Woodward Park City showcasing a pilot training camp to help skiers and snowboarders with tumbling and trampoline skills.

If you are interested in hiring me as a coach, please contact me at

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