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Grete Ski Make-Over!

Updated: 55 minutes ago

Hi Everyone,

Not sure how you landed here? Well, I am really happy you did. I have been a professional skier for over 20+ years! I am a mom of two kids, I live in beautiful British Columbia and I recently started skateboarding. I have always loved to write and create content (I have been making movies or shows since I was 11 years old in my family's basement). I want to continue to create and inspire you to try that new sport or maybe that lifestyle you have been dreaming about.

Rad Mom Content

I will admit, I was pretty rad before having kids. I have 6 X Games Medals (2 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze), 4 US Freeskiing Open Championship Titles, a still-standing World Record and countless other achievements on my skis. But, when I had kids, I really thought that was it. I had done everything I needed to on my skis and I should just put on the sweats and let her go. LOL.

Well, I realized during Covid that just isn't me, I need to be pushing myself, trying new things and stepping outside of my self-induced box as much as possible. That is what gets my heart going and my light shining. So, I started skiing again. I set a goal of skiing 100 Days in one season. I set up a rail in my yard, so on the days I could not make it to the mountain or the days I couldn't convince my kids to go skiing with me, I could still work on my rail tricks.

This slowly morphed into me getting really rad again. If you don't believe me here, check out my YouTube and Instagram Accounts.

Please, sign up for my newsletter and subscribe to my accounts.

I am look forward to getting rad with you : )

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