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Minnesota Women Waterski in September

It may be September in Minnesota, but we are still getting after it. I purchased a wetsuit hood for the late season pulls and it's working out great. It is a little hard to breath with, but it keeps the forehead nice and warm. In the years past we have always complained about our freezing foreheads while skiing at 30 mph and in 52 degree temperatures, it gets cold!

Therefore, I give you the solution to the perfect late-season waterski kit. A wetsuit hood. You may have noticed we have been skiing in our wetsuits pretty much all year too. No, we didn't have to everyday, but it sure makes it easier motivating yourself to ski at 7:15 am every other morning during the summer. The wetsuits also help us by keeping our muscles warm and allowing us to really go for it after we get pulled out of the water. So are we water wimps? No, it's all part of the plan to get as many waterskis days in as possible. And we are almost there! Here is our ski from September 22nd, 2021.


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